26 June 2013

South African Art & Photography

At PrintWild we are continually striving to empower the industry, and have thus created a platform for local photographers and artists to showcase their talent and their work. This platform is called Digital Gallery.

Click here to view Citiscapes by Peter Delaney

This division of PrintWild was launched at the Photo and Film Expo 8 months ago and has grown tremendously. Digital Gallery exhibits some of South Africa's top artists and photographers' work and uses PrintWild's proud history of exceptional online printing to deliver these works of art straight to your door, ready to hang.

From next month, PrintWild and Digital Gallery photographers and artists are coming together to help create an easy and affordable method of decorating your home or work space. We will be showcasing one photographer/artist a week, discounting all their products. The featured artist’s special will run for one month.

Click here to view Nudes by Gareth Williams-Wynn

The Digital Gallery newsletter will be sent out once a week to all of our PrintWild subscribers. To subscribe to the Digital Gallery mailing list, click here.

If you are an interior decorator or interested in improving your home, this is an offer you will not want to miss.


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