21 June 2013

Calculating The Aspect Ratio Of Your Image

Every now and again, PrintWild receives a query regarding the size and aspect of an image. In the last week, a client sent us this question:

The website requires me to select a size/dimensions for the print. I have an idea of the size I am looking for (say 1m in height..). However, I am not sure which of the size options to select as I do not want the image to be distorted and am not sure how to scale the image. How should I proceed?

 For those of you who are struggling with the same question and have been putting off ordering a custom size print, the image below will help you understand how to work out the corresponding height or width of any photo if you need to change the size...

Here's an example: If you want the width of this 14cm image to be 16.5cm, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner of your image (just like the red line in the image). The height will be where the blue lines meet, in this case 11.8cm.

Now that you understand the concept, there's a mathematical formula to help you work out how to do this (without drawing all over your image and taking the time to find the nearest millimetre).

Current height ÷ current width × desired width = desired height.
10 ÷ 14 × 16.5 = 11.8 cm
If you need to figure out the desired width, just switch height and width around.


For those of you who are interested in the mathematics of Focal Length and Cropping, click here.


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