26 October 2010

Free Photo Editing Software

If you just getting into photography and dont yet want to spend a fortune on editing software, try one or both of these programs, after all they are free.

Google's Picassa
•Good photo-editing tools
•Organizer with web integration
•Supports facial recognition and geotagging
•Not suitable for huge photo collections
•Editing tools are very good but not pro-level

•Pro-level editing tools
•Extremely versatile
•Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
•Steep learning curve
•Can be sluggish
•Doesn't accept Photoshop plug-ins

Let us know how you get on.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing. I work as a photo editor. At work often use professional tools http://besthdrprogram.com/. Sometimes I edit a photo using GIMP. This is only for household purposes. For example, for a new beautiful picture in my office. But this is not very convenient, since I was used to the good software. Move further. Good luck to you.