30 August 2010

Old and damaged images

At PrintWild we say, “If you can see it, it can be reproduced”

Thanks to the digital era, images in whatever form are 99% retrievable. Whether images are original artworks or old photos on negatives and prints; they can be brought back to life.

Old, damaged images can be fixed and reproduced onto canvas, watercolour paper, photographic paper and many other printable mediums.

Below is an example of a photograph that came to us in 2 pieces. These had to be copied, joined, colour corrected and then printed onto a canvas and stretch framed.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How big must a file be and to what size can it be printed?”
Many factors come into play, like how complex is the detail in the image, is it a copy of a copy and most important, what material is the image to be printed on.

Should you be in doubt don’t hesitate to send your image to me on prc@printwild.co.za. We will enlarge it to size on our computers and assess the viability.

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