26 July 2010

Making those memorable images remembered

The digital era has given us such fantastic opportunity to really fine tune our photography and get far better images than ever before. With the film vs digital quality race being over the only real shortfall is that we are simply not printing our images anymore. Digital photo frames and home entertainment systems are helping cross that bridge but in reality I think we are not really enjoying that fantastic technology that we have invested in with our cameras.

This is one of the main reasons we started PrintWild, we believe that people want to decorate their homes and offices with images that are relevant to them. Our product range is suited to any image size. The canvas product is exceptionally forgiving and allows us the increase the size of an image and still achieve fantastic results. Remember that we will always call you should we feel that the image quality is a concern before we go to print.

With new generation digital cameras that are shooting at 12 mega pixels and above, our fine art paper and high quality paper mounted prints show stunning detail. The printer has also been perfectly profiled to achieve the best results.

So now that you have all this great technology in your camera you may as well use it by going to www.printwild.co.za and turn - Your favourite image into a work of art.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the quality and process of PrintWild product.

20 July 2010

Canvas printing & stretch framing

There are many ways of extending an image in ways that don’t appear obvious. We do this a lot, particularly when there is not enough image to use as a wraparound the frame. If there is enough image the client needs to indicate the parameters of the picture that must appear on the front of the picture beyond that edge we use to wrap around the wooden frame. When we need to add extra to give a wrap around the following options are often done.

This extended area for the side of the frame in the pic below was artificially created.

The extended area for the side of the frame in the pic below was made by adding a plain colour.

Posted by Paul (Snr) - Image prpeperation at PrintWild

12 July 2010

Your DAM Workflow - How safe are your images!

Digital Asset Management is the term used to describe the handling and management of digital assets, in this case images. It's most likely the most boring part of being a photographer and sometimes way too restrictive and left brained for our wildly creating minds.

If you are an enthusiast I highly recommend some form of logical and repeatable approach to you photographic workflow. If however you charge money for your images it is a prerequisite!

There are benefits other than a tidy desktop! If done properly (and this means spending more that 5 min dumping all the images from your desktop into one folder) it will remove the stress from managing you images, having duplicates of images or 12 edits of the same image scattered about, your images will be safe and most importanty some time invested now will free up more time to get out and rack up more hours behind that camera.

These are some of the principals to follow:
Image organisation

Keep a folder for each Job (properly labelled e.g. Year-Date-Shoot name )
Rename all images in a similar fashion (using the cameras assigned image name is not very use full)
Separate your RAW (original) images from your edited work within the main folder.
Image Storage
Always keep more than one copy of your work. At least 2 copies.
If you have a large image library and your computer is near capacity use external hard drives to work from, it will speed up your computers performance.
Good Software

Use a descent software to view and organise your images, like Lightroom, Aperture, CaptureOne, Photoshop Bridge or iview media Pro to name a few.

Let us know if you want more information on this subject but for now check out this video by Chase Jarvis, a top commercial photographer based in Seattle.  Their approach is geared towards a large professional studio but the principals apply to us all.

05 July 2010

Acrilic Prints get a facelift

Our acrylic prints have proven very popular. We have simplified the art work by changing the combination of a 3mm and 6mm sandwich print
to a straight 8mm finished acrylic. The side profile is far smarter.
We are using an exceptionally high grade clear laminate that allows us to front laminate the print straight on to the acrylic. For custom prints over 1 metre, we are using extra wall mounts to add stability to the art work. We are still using 20 mm spaces to raise the art off the wall.

The single sheet has also made installation easier. Added to this are the new wall mounts we are finalising that will also help reduce the cost; these changes will be reflected on the website this week.

Acrylic prints are perfect for necessarily hygienic environments such as hospitals, kitchens and restaurants. The clear acrylic can be cleaned using a damp cloth and window cleaner.

For more information please feel free to have a look at our website www.printwild.co.za and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at info@printwild.co.za .