08 December 2010

Christmas Orders and deliveries

Last orders for delivery before Christmas will be on 17th December.
We are closed from 22nd December to 3rd January and will resume shipping on 10th January. You may still order gift vouchers throughout the festive season.

Many thanks for your support over 2010. We thoroughly enjoyed preparing all your amazing images; seeing them leave our factory ready to hang on your wall to become a feature in your home or office.

Wishing you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2011!

From the team at PrintWild

01 December 2010

Latest Testimonial

I have received all 3 of my canvases and I am so impressed with the service, speed and quality in which they were delivered.

I have recommended you to all the photographers on the Gauteng photographers forum and I will definitely be sending all my canvas business your way.

Many thanks


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22 November 2010

A quick and easy Vintage look in PhotoShop

I have had a few requests recently on how to give an image that cool vintage look so here is how its done.

Now before I start I'd like to note that this is just one method of many. The look is totally subjective and as the photographer it is up to you to tweak the setting to your taste. I like this method for it's simplicity and effectiveness, plus as its on a separate layer I can reduce, blend or mask it to taste.

With an image open in Photoshop go to the Layers Menu and select "New Adjustment Layer" then select "Levels". This will create a levels adjustment on a separate layer, as seen to the left.
Using adjustment layers is a good way to work in Photoshop as it allows you the flexibility to change your mind or tweak the adjustment further down your workflow.

 From the Layers adjustment pallet the channel drop down menu from "RGB" to "Blue"(Feel free to experiment with other channels to create other looks and feels)

Now adjust the "Output levels" of the Blue channel by increasing the Blue shadows and decreasing the Blue highlights (increasing yellow), as shown to the left. The values I used are not fixed in stone, your image may require a slightly different adjustment so experiment until you are happy.

Well thats is, it definitely adds allot of drama to an otherwise ordinary image.  Let me know how you get on and please drop me an email if there is anything you would like me to cover in future blogs. www.printwild.co.za

18 November 2010

Latest Testimonial



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15 November 2010

The classic photo frame

Our latest product is the classic photo frame. You can see it on line at http://www.printwild.co.za/photographic_frame/classic_photo_frame.php .

The classic framed photo uses a flat slightly textured frame profile available in coffee bean, black and white. We use either a 44mm frame profile for A2 and smaller images and a 55mm frame profile for larger than A2 framed images. The matt board is a standard matt white and ranges from 50mm to 85mm thick depending on the size of the image.

Upload your favourite images, choose the frame profile colour that best suits your room and have the complete work of art delivered to your door.

12 November 2010

09 November 2010

Latest Testimonial

Hi Paul

 Thank you so much for delivering the print yesterday - im very impressed with the quality of the print and the extra service.


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04 November 2010

Using Tutorials to Get Your Head Around New Software

Recently I wanted to make a switch to Adobe Lightroom 3; I was heading on a shoot and had time to get some online tuition whilst en route to the location.

I have always found www.lynda.com a fantastic resource for getting good quality tuition. There is a monthly fee with www.lynda.com that allows you a pretty free rein to get up to speed with new technology really fast. The Lightroom 3 essentials are presented by Chris Orwig who, apart from seeming like a great guy, really acquaints you with all that the package has to offer. For further information, go to: http://www.lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=59972. You will see all the lessons there.

Lucky me - my shoot was in Zanzibar. These are two of my favourite images that I took whilst staying at the amazing Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel (www.rasnungwi.com).

01 November 2010

Latest Testimonial

Hello Paul,

Just a quick thank you to say I received my images today and I\'m very pleased. Beautiful quality and nicely packaged. Many thanks to you and your team.


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26 October 2010

Free Photo Editing Software

If you just getting into photography and dont yet want to spend a fortune on editing software, try one or both of these programs, after all they are free.

Google's Picassa
•Good photo-editing tools
•Organizer with web integration
•Supports facial recognition and geotagging
•Not suitable for huge photo collections
•Editing tools are very good but not pro-level

•Pro-level editing tools
•Extremely versatile
•Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
•Steep learning curve
•Can be sluggish
•Doesn't accept Photoshop plug-ins

Let us know how you get on.

20 October 2010

Expo and shipping charges

To all those who visited us at the Photo and Film expo in jhb many thanks for all your positive responses and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.

We have launched our new website and with it we have included is that there is a min order value of R300 to get your order shipped for free. This has become necessary as the shipping of one A4 print was costing more that the price of the print! For orders less than R300 there will be a R45 shipping charge.

Remember for all your orders over R300 PrintWild will still ship all your orders for free .

15 October 2010

New website is live!

Our new website www.printwild.co.za is live we have been beta testing for 2 days. Please if you have a moment have a look at the site and play with the system. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and I hope you enjoy the new website.

Kind regards

14 October 2010

Photo and Film Expo at Coke-Cola Dome; Northgate JHB

Come at see us the Coke-Cola Dome, Northgate at the Photo and Film expo. We have all our product on the stand and would love to chat about any new projects that you may have on the go.

The expo runs from today until Sunday. To see a full program please visit http://www.photofilmexpo.com

09 October 2010

Latest Testimonial

I had a last minute impulse to print one of our wedding pics as a valentines gift for my wife on Wednesday, (the 10th) late afternoon. Paul from (PrintWild) answered the phone and after thinking for a second assured me that He would be able to have the A0 Canvas, printed and delivered to me (in JHB) in what would be less than 2 days. 

A order like this would normally take about 5 working days.

Paying online was a breeze and about 30min later my pic was uploaded to their server and the whole transaction was done and payed for. Paul then phoned me to let me know that he had received my urgent order and was on it. 

Friday morning (about 40 hours later) the canvas was delivered to my front door in perfect condition. The quality is of the absolute highest standards and the finish nothing less than perfect. Oh and the delivery from Durban was free. 

I would Highly recommend them to everyone! Service of this standard is worth every penny!

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06 October 2010

We Do More Than Just Print

Many of the orders we receive from clients are jpeg, tiff or Acrobat files, to mention a few. More often than not these are unedited files.

Editing picture files can make a huge difference to the final product.

We go to great lengths to reproduce the best from files submitted to us for reproduction.

Colour, contrast and density can be measured specifically.
That being said what is appealing to individual tastes is very subjective.

When placing orders with PrintWild we would like clients to request editing if you would like us to make corrections to your images.

We enjoy getting the best out of photographs so don’t hesitate to ask questions with your order, or by phone and email.

Together lets strive for the best.

21 September 2010

How Big can I Print my image.

We get allot of questions from people about image size. Although we are always happy to asses your images for you to determine their max print size, I thought you may appreciate the following information.

If you enlarge any image past its native print size interpolation will occur (pixel inventing) resulting in a loss of quality. However this loss of quality may be very slight and is directly effected by the following factors:
  • The Megapixel size of your camera.
  • The sharpness of your image (is it in focus)
  • The subject mater (is it an arty/abstract image that will not suffers from loss of details)
  • Your camera's exposure settings can also effect on print quality. An ISO 800 image will look better printed smaller than the same image on ISO 100
  • The amount of editing and affects you have applied to the image
Generally the bigger the original image file the better it will look when printed as you can see from the following guide.

Jpeg File Sizes 
(a rough guide for well exposed in focus images)

0kb to 500kb  - Up to A2 (Image quality will suffer at larger sizes)
500kb to 1mb - Up to A0 (Image will lose sharpness and quality at larger sizes)
1mb to 2mb - Up to A0 (Image may suffer from sharpness and quality loss at A0 and above)
2mb to 3mb -  Up to A0 and above ( There should be little loss in quality)
4mb and over Up to A0 and above, comfortably.

For our more advanced users you may want yo set up Photo shop to accurately show you how your image will look at a given size. 

First you need to know the following:
  • Your monitor resolution in Pixels ( if you do not know this go to www.whatismyscreenresolution.com)
  • You will need to find out your monitors PPI , you may be surprised to find out that it is not 72dpi. Go to DPI Calculator. Enter the resolution you determined in the previous step as well as the size of your monitor (20inch, 24inch etc) Your PPI will be displayed.
Now in Photo Shop go to Preferences (Ctrl K for PC and Cmd K for Mac)
Go to "Units and Rules"
Now in "Screen Resolution" enter the PPI you determoned in the previous steps.
Hit OK to close.
Now when you select  VIEW / PRINT SIZE in Photo Shop it will do some fancy calculations and display, very accurately, how your image pixilation will look when printed. Now it is worth noting this is by no meant 100% perfect but is very close.

Remember, If you are at all unsure if your image is big enough contact us and www.printwild.co.za and we will be happy to help you.

13 September 2010

Win one of six canvases to the value of R800.00 each

We are really putting a big effort in our marketing over the next 3 months and hopefully some of you will see our new big A4 add on the Home and Leisure magazine.

This competition is also being promoted on the Pix mag and the ODP websites.

So please go to www.printwild.co.za/compotition and enter and while you are at it please send this competition onto anyone else that you feel would fancy a stunning A1 canvas of an image of their choice delivered to their door.

Remember for the finest canvas and acrylic prints in SA visit www.printwild.co.za.

06 September 2010

The Right Media for my Large Format Print?

With most of our products you have a choice between printing on canvas or on photo paper. Normally, when you increase the size of an image beyond the pixel dimensions of the camera, you end up with pixel break-up. However, one of the main reasons why printing on canvas is delivering such fantastic results is that when you print on canvas, the texture of the canvas has a sharpening effect similar to that of a cross hatch filter in Photoshop.

The images below show what happens to an image when it is stretched beyond its existing pixels.

If you are trying to make up your mind about the format of your next canvas print order, you should consider the quality of the image: if you are using a high resolution image, printing on photo paper and going large will be successful. If you are shooting on a 6 megapixel camera and want to print large sizes, choose our canvas options and you will not be disappointed. Remember, the great thing about using PrintWild (www.printwild.co.za) is that we will always check the quality of your image before going to print; if we feel that the quality of the print is going to be compromised, we will phone you to discuss the options for the optimum result.

– your choice when it comes to canvas printing

30 August 2010

Old and damaged images

At PrintWild we say, “If you can see it, it can be reproduced”

Thanks to the digital era, images in whatever form are 99% retrievable. Whether images are original artworks or old photos on negatives and prints; they can be brought back to life.

Old, damaged images can be fixed and reproduced onto canvas, watercolour paper, photographic paper and many other printable mediums.

Below is an example of a photograph that came to us in 2 pieces. These had to be copied, joined, colour corrected and then printed onto a canvas and stretch framed.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How big must a file be and to what size can it be printed?”
Many factors come into play, like how complex is the detail in the image, is it a copy of a copy and most important, what material is the image to be printed on.

Should you be in doubt don’t hesitate to send your image to me on prc@printwild.co.za. We will enlarge it to size on our computers and assess the viability.

23 August 2010

The 2010 Photo & FIlm Exhibition

So if you haven't yet heard this years Photo and Film Exhibition will take place from the 14th to the 17th October at the Coca-Cola Dome Northgate JHB. Its a must see for amatures and professionals alike. All the lates equipments will be on show as well as live demonstrations, photographic societies, a variety of photography related services and products and "LOADS OF PRIZES TO BE WON".

Its also a great chance to meet your suppliers one on one. Printwild will be there in full force showing off our new paper and canvas selections for the year ahead, and there are going to be some great ones!!. Although I cant reveal them now I can tell you that we have been working hard for the past 6 months testing and profiling papers from all over the world to create a line up of paper and canvas that will satisfy all you needs from high defenition Black & Whites to specialist uncoated papers.

Come and visit us at stand SS and we will be more than happy to talk you through our samples and to show you first hand the unique characteristics each paper as well as how to choose the right paper to suite your needs. We will even have printed samples for you to take home with you.

To our existing professional and amature photographer please feel free to come by and say hi, it will be great to finally put a face to your voice.

Visit www.printwild.com or check out the Expo website here for more details. 

16 August 2010

Creating a collage with Google Picasa 3

If you are thinking of making a collage from a bunch of your favourite images, even with fancy software at my finger tips, I can find no better solution than Google’s Picasa. With a few easy clicks you can choose your images and prepare a job for print.

Have a look at this YouTube video that will help you create a collage of your own.

You can download Picasa at: http://picasa.google.com

Remember to load your complete artwork on www.printwild.co.za and have your final creation delivered to your door free of charge!

03 August 2010

Print Wild on Safari

Pano of Gunns Bush Camp - View from The Bora River
I though I'd shed some light on Print Wilds activities and skills and hopefully reveal yet another reason to use us to print your Canvas's and to trust us with your professional photographic prints. Yes we print photographs, and we do it well, but we also take photographs. We are professional photographers with many years experience in converting our images into prints that we would be proud to exhibit. We are very critical when it comes to print quality and treat our clients prints as if they were our own.

The Bora River
Traditional Mokoro dugout boat
Last week we were on location in Botswana and Zambia photographing Safari Lodges for our clients brochures. From deep in the Ocavongo Delta to Zambia and the Victoria Falls we photographed Bush camps, Lodges, from planes, from Mokoro and even from platforms we purposely erected in the Delta.
Preparing stable platform to shoot from

We love what we do and are always happy to share our knowledge with you. If you have any questions about your prints, from colour correcting, monitor calibration, image sharpening, paper selection or even which of your images will print better, we are here to help.

26 July 2010

Making those memorable images remembered

The digital era has given us such fantastic opportunity to really fine tune our photography and get far better images than ever before. With the film vs digital quality race being over the only real shortfall is that we are simply not printing our images anymore. Digital photo frames and home entertainment systems are helping cross that bridge but in reality I think we are not really enjoying that fantastic technology that we have invested in with our cameras.

This is one of the main reasons we started PrintWild, we believe that people want to decorate their homes and offices with images that are relevant to them. Our product range is suited to any image size. The canvas product is exceptionally forgiving and allows us the increase the size of an image and still achieve fantastic results. Remember that we will always call you should we feel that the image quality is a concern before we go to print.

With new generation digital cameras that are shooting at 12 mega pixels and above, our fine art paper and high quality paper mounted prints show stunning detail. The printer has also been perfectly profiled to achieve the best results.

So now that you have all this great technology in your camera you may as well use it by going to www.printwild.co.za and turn - Your favourite image into a work of art.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the quality and process of PrintWild product.

20 July 2010

Canvas printing & stretch framing

There are many ways of extending an image in ways that don’t appear obvious. We do this a lot, particularly when there is not enough image to use as a wraparound the frame. If there is enough image the client needs to indicate the parameters of the picture that must appear on the front of the picture beyond that edge we use to wrap around the wooden frame. When we need to add extra to give a wrap around the following options are often done.

This extended area for the side of the frame in the pic below was artificially created.

The extended area for the side of the frame in the pic below was made by adding a plain colour.

Posted by Paul (Snr) - Image prpeperation at PrintWild

12 July 2010

Your DAM Workflow - How safe are your images!

Digital Asset Management is the term used to describe the handling and management of digital assets, in this case images. It's most likely the most boring part of being a photographer and sometimes way too restrictive and left brained for our wildly creating minds.

If you are an enthusiast I highly recommend some form of logical and repeatable approach to you photographic workflow. If however you charge money for your images it is a prerequisite!

There are benefits other than a tidy desktop! If done properly (and this means spending more that 5 min dumping all the images from your desktop into one folder) it will remove the stress from managing you images, having duplicates of images or 12 edits of the same image scattered about, your images will be safe and most importanty some time invested now will free up more time to get out and rack up more hours behind that camera.

These are some of the principals to follow:
Image organisation

Keep a folder for each Job (properly labelled e.g. Year-Date-Shoot name )
Rename all images in a similar fashion (using the cameras assigned image name is not very use full)
Separate your RAW (original) images from your edited work within the main folder.
Image Storage
Always keep more than one copy of your work. At least 2 copies.
If you have a large image library and your computer is near capacity use external hard drives to work from, it will speed up your computers performance.
Good Software

Use a descent software to view and organise your images, like Lightroom, Aperture, CaptureOne, Photoshop Bridge or iview media Pro to name a few.

Let us know if you want more information on this subject but for now check out this video by Chase Jarvis, a top commercial photographer based in Seattle.  Their approach is geared towards a large professional studio but the principals apply to us all.

05 July 2010

Acrilic Prints get a facelift

Our acrylic prints have proven very popular. We have simplified the art work by changing the combination of a 3mm and 6mm sandwich print
to a straight 8mm finished acrylic. The side profile is far smarter.
We are using an exceptionally high grade clear laminate that allows us to front laminate the print straight on to the acrylic. For custom prints over 1 metre, we are using extra wall mounts to add stability to the art work. We are still using 20 mm spaces to raise the art off the wall.

The single sheet has also made installation easier. Added to this are the new wall mounts we are finalising that will also help reduce the cost; these changes will be reflected on the website this week.

Acrylic prints are perfect for necessarily hygienic environments such as hospitals, kitchens and restaurants. The clear acrylic can be cleaned using a damp cloth and window cleaner.

For more information please feel free to have a look at our website www.printwild.co.za and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at info@printwild.co.za .

25 June 2010

Photography Tips: How to Focus Manually - TEST POST

With today’s cameras all sporting super fast and accurate auto focus, the art of manual focussing has, for the most part, been neglected by many photographers. Perhaps those only using it today are the avid amateur or professional landscape and architectural photographers. So why should we focus manually with all this new technology around us?

Well, if maximum depth of field (sharp, in-focus subjects from foreground to horizon) is your goal then manually focusing your lens is the most accurate way to achieve this.

Your goal when manually focussing for maximum depth of field is achieving hyper-focal distance (HFD). Every lens has a HFD but only certain lenses will have the marking necessary for setting HFD. Generally the wider prime lenses will be marked with ‘f’ numbers on the focus window of your lens (as shown in the image).

There is a lot of information on the web on HFD; some helpful and some just confusing. However, this article from the New York Institute of Photography gives a straight-forward description without delving into complex calculations (NTIP-Hyperfocal article).

I highly recommend spending some time on HPD; it will improve your landscape and architectural photography overnight.